Friday, December 9, 2016

Incantations Episode 7 - The Invisible Sun Kickstarter ARG

We've got another single topic episode for you this week. We're talking about the Invisible Sun Kickstarter ARG, the puzzles, the solutions, and where things are at now.

Show Notes

Segment One - Invisible Sun Kickstarter ARG (A Distant Light Pierces the Mist)
  • Alternate Reality Game (ARG) -- link
  • Path of Suns website -- link
  • G+ Invisible Sun community -- link
  • Kickstarter puzzles
    • Clocks
      • Our Kickstarter History -- link
      • The Invisible Sun Kickstarter Is Different -- link
      • Deluxe Games -- link
      • Group Purchases -- link
      • Shipping -- link
      • Changing the Way RPGs Are Played -- link
      • The Directed Campaign -- link
      • The Active Sun -- link
      • Details of the Contents -- link
    • A Solid Door
      • The door was made known with the Green Sun update -- link
      • Solution #1
        • The first solution was figured out based upon Paladin Revenant’s theory about the clocks -- link
        • Putting the clocks in hour order and taking the roman numeral the minute hand is pointing at will give you the key: 376298415
        • Door leads to Are You a Spider or an Ant? -- link
      • Solution #2
        • Clue about the clocks dropped in the Indigo Sun update -- link
          • “There is more than one way for clocks to be keys”
        • Ryan Chaddock and Robert Marino seemed to have figured this one out -- link
        • Putting the clocks in order of the minute hands and taking the roman numeral the hour hand is pointing at gives you the key: 841793265
        • Door leads to Are You an Ant or a Spider? -- link
      • Solution #3
        • Memory stick, The Blade, was found in a cache with an image of Wrong Cat and a text file. -- link
        • The image had white text on the transparent background which read “If you are looking for lies, use Grey”
        • What Also Opens the Door.txt had the following text: To see that the door is opened by a lie, you may need an extra eye.
        • Another hint was dropped in a Tweet, which I cannot locate. It was an image of a clock, and I thought it was pointing at the fourth hour.
        • Hour four on the clock is incorrect: IIII instead of IV
        • Entering IIII in the door opens it
        • Door leads to Fartown -- link
      • Spiders and Ants
        • The solid door puzzle leads to two different pages about Spiders and Ants.
        • There has been much discussion about what Spiders and Ants are, but no solid conclusions yet.
        • Monte is a Spider -- link
      • Geocaches
        • Several updates included GPS coordinates to geocaches
        • Some of the caches had USB memory sticks that contained files that predicted keyfalls
        • Digital contents of the caches -- link
        • Two images were found
          • Changery image asks about the solid door -- link
          • Wrong Cat pointing to the third Solid Door puzzle -- link
          • Clues were hidden in the background of the images
          • Looking through the bytes of the images revealed no further hidden information
      • Current state
        • Shanna stated in the Kickstarter comments that there are two or three puzzles that have not been solved -- link
          • This was before the third solution to the Solid Door puzzle was found
        • Not all of the caches have been recovered, or reported on the G+ group
        • Nothing conclusive was determined about Spiders and Ants

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Music in the episode was drawn from the song "Beyond" by Wes Otis and Plate Mail Games. It is available at DriveThruRPG.

Invisible Sun is the intellectual property of Monte Cook Games.

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  1. did anyone else look at wrong cat through a grey image filter?