Friday, January 27, 2017

Numenera Audio Track

I wanted to give everyone a quick heads up about a new kickstarter from Wes Otis.  He has been nice enough to allow us to use clips of his music in our podcast.  Furthermore, I have used his clips in games I have run on roll20 in many sessions.  They are great background music for games.  In fact, they are designed for that purpose with a few functions that differentiate them from using movie soundtracks or other traditional approaches.

  1. Themed for specific RPG settings and circumstances -- you can quickly scan for a name that fits the setting or tone you are looking for.  Most cases, you will be right.
  2. Looping -- the tracks loop so that you can set one up and let it run for a long period of time (until you want to change).  You don't have to worry about creating a list long enough for your session
  3. Tonal consistency -- You can select a track and not worry about there being a massive change in tone or volume (as you might with a movie soundtrack when it switches to the chase scene - or whatever).  

NOTE:  This kickstarter is for Numenera-inspired tracks.  I suspect they will be sufficiently general to serve well in a fantasy or other setting RPG.

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